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Menu Key: (V) - Vegetarian; (VV) - Vegan; (GF) - Gluten free

Charcutería y Quesos

Butifaras a lo cubano
Cuban-style sausages, with a surprising mix of spices, including cinnamon, anis and clove. Served on a saffron yogurt and cucumber sauce. (GF)

Local Cheese Plate
An assortment of local cow and goat cheeses, served with guava jam. (V) (GF)

Morcilla a la española con tamales
“Spanish blood sausage” made with beef and served with fresh corn tamales. (GF)

Aves en adobo
Chicken paté made with carrots, onions, and pork gelée. Served with fresh turnips from Down 2 Earth Farms and micro greens from Terra Sacra, our sister farm in Hillsborough. (GF)

Pork liver paté. (GF)


Sopa Cubana
This delicate soup is made with an egg cream and wilted greens. Its style will remind you of Asia, in spite of the name. (V) (GF)

Sopa a la Polka
“Polish soup.” A cold cucumber soup with fresh cheese, fennel, and garnished with red beets. (V) (GF)

Sopa de guineo
A light broth with guinea, chickpeas, and saffron. Garnished with a ring of hot pepper. (GF)

Sopa de frijoles blancos
White bean soup with house-made stock, trotters, tail, and cabbage. (GF)


Plátanos rellenos
These gently sweet plantains are stuffed with a savory pork picadillo and deep fried in our house-rendered lard. Served with wilted lettuce greens and fresh lime.

Espárrago and Duck Egg
Local spring asparagus poached with local duck eggs, seasoned with garlic, safron, cinnamon, cloves, olive oil, and a balsamic vinegar reduction. (V) (GF)

Huevos a la Turca
A fried egg served on a bed of sauteéd tomatoes and onions, garnished with blistered Annaheim and Shishito peppers. (V) (GF)

Tomates rellenos
Fresh summer tomatoes are filled with shitake mushrooms, red and green cabbage, and manchego cheese then slow roasted in the oven. (V) (GF)


Conejo a lo español
Spanish-style rabbit, slow cooked in a white wine, herbed sauce and served with a slice of deep-fried Cuban grits.

Ropa Vieja a la americana
A long-forgotten version of Cuba’s signature dish, ropa vieja: Slow-roasted locally sourced pasture-raised beef seasoned with white wine, mint, and fresh tomatoes.

Pato a la criolla with Maíz a la Habanera
Joyce Farms duck, braised in its own fat, served over a bed of fresh local cornmeal. (GF)

Arroz con aves
The grandfather to Cuba’s signature Arroz con pollo, this dish originally featured game birds from the forest. Ours features quail and guinea baked in a yellow rice. (GF)

Pescado a la yucateca
Fish in the style of the Yucatan. NC monkfish from Local’s Seafood, poached in vinegar with spices. Served chilled. (GF)

Arroz con Mariscos
A Cuban version of seafood paella, made with NC clams, shrimp, and mahi mahi from Locals Seafood. (GF)

Lamb with “potato butter”
Roasted lamb served with potato butter and roasted vegetables in its own sauce. (GF)

Vaca frita
Twice-cooked locally sourced beef marinated in a dry brine. (GF)

Braised pork collar with local vegetables. (GF)

Paella del verano
“Summer paella.” Rice with eggplant, green beans, carrots, green zucchini, yellow squash, and broccoli. Seasoned with red wine and smoked paprika. (VV) (GF)

Beverages and Libations

Our menu will feature craft cocktails from Cuba and Latin America, with surprising twists that incorporate locally sourced ingredients.

We will offer an assortment of wines by the glass or bottle

We will offer assortment of draft and bottled or canned beers.

House-made Sodas
We will offer an assortment of house-made sodas using tropical and locally-sourced ingredients.

Iced Tea
Made with organic ceylon tea



Available Cuban Style or Unsweetened.

Cafe cubano
Rich espresso with a traditional sugar infusion.

Cafe cubano with a dash frothed milk.

Cafe con leche
Cafe cubano with warm, frothed milk.

A rich, flavorful cousin to American style coffee.

Black Tea, Chamomile


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