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Menu Key: (V) - Vegetarian; (VV) - Vegan; (GF) - Gluten free

Charcutería y Quesos

Butifaras a lo cubano  $9
Cuban-style sausages, with a surprising mix of spices, including cinnamon, anis and clove. Served on a saffron yogurt and cucumber sauce. (GF)

Quesos  $12
An assortment of local and Spanish cheeses. (V) (GF)

Charcutería  $12
An assortment of cured meats. (GF)

Sopas y Ensaladas

Caldo de pato  $4
A light duck broth with avocado and crispy fried duck skin. (GF)

Ensalada de primavera  $6
A spring salad with assorted local produce and our house-made vinaigrette. (VV) (GF)


Plátanos rellenos  $8
These gently sweet plantains are stuffed with a savory pork picadillo and fried in our house-rendered lard.

Medianoche  $7
Our famous slow-roasted pork with ham, mustard, and pickle, on one of our housemade rolls.

La Trinidad  $6
A trinity of chips: taro, yucca, and NC sweet potato fried in our house-rendered lard. Served with an orange and shallot mojo for dipping. (GF)


Pato a la criolla  $14
Joyce Farms duck, braised in its own fat. (GF)

Pierna de carnero  $14
Braised leg of lamb. (GF)

Paella de la primavera
“Spring paella.” Rice with spring vegetables and lima beans. (VV) (GF)

Beverages and Libations

Our menu features classic and signature cocktails from prohibition-era Cuba, with surprising twists that incorporate locally sourced ingredients.

We offer an assortment of wines by the glass or bottle

We offer an assortment of draft and bottled or canned beers.

Iced Tea
Made with organic Ceylon tea.



Available Cuban Style or Unsweetened.

Cafe cubano
Rich espresso with a traditional sugar infusion.

Cafe cubano with a dash frothed milk.

Cafe con leche
Cafe cubano with warm, frothed milk.

A rich, flavorful cousin to American style coffee.

Black Tea, Chamomile


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