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Menu Key: (V) - Vegetarian; (VV) - Vegan; (GF) - Gluten free


Our sandwiches are served on house-made Cuban bread.

All sandwiches come with your choice of: Seasonal salad (VV, GF);  Plantain Chips (fried in house-rendered lard); or Black Beans (GF, VV)

Add a fried egg to make any sandwich a brunch sandwich (+$2).

Havana  $12
This classic from Cuba’s capital city features slow roasted pork, house-cured ham, cheese, pickle, mustard, and mojo sauce.

El Caney  $12
Named for a Cuban town renowned for its avocados, this twist on a Cuban sandwich brings together our slow roasted pork, avocado, cheese, a touch of mustard, and mojo sauce.

Santiago  $10
Hailing from Cuba’s eastern capital, this sandwich highlights the best of slow roasted pork, topped with a little mustard and mojo sauce.

Saigon  $12
A Cuban spin on the beloved Bâhn Mì sandwich with slow-roasted pork, house-made terrine, seasonal vegetables, topped with Sriracha sauce. Served on a fresh sub roll.

Ellis Island  $10
A classic grilled ham and cheese sandwich made with our house-cured ham, cheese, pickle, mustard, and mojo sauce.

San Fernando  $12
This sandwich features roasted chicken simmered in a rich tomato and white wine sauce with sauteed onions and paprika. (Pork-free.)

Guardalavaca  $12
Sloppy Joes once reigned in pre-revolutionary Havana. This sandwich features ground beef simmered in a rich tomato sauce with sautéed onions and paprika. Served on a fresh sub roll. (Pork-free.)

Baracoa  $10
This sandwich, filled with black bean paste, is topped with mustard, pickle, and mojo sauce. (VV)


El Obrero  $13
Slow roasted pork, a fried egg, maduros, and arroz congris (white rice cooked with black beans). Make this a vegetarian brunch by replacing the pork with our seasonal salad and an extra fried egg. (GF) (V option)

El Campesino  $13
Fried cured pork pieces, a fried egg, seasonal salad, and arroz congris, (white rice cooked with black beans). (GF)

El Molinero  $12
Cuban-style cornmeal with our house-made sausage and a fried egg. (GF )

El Vegetariano  $10
You don't have to eat meat to enjoy an authentic Cuban lunch. This plate comes with savory black beans, tender white rice, sweet maduros, and our seasonal salad. (GF) (VV)

El Paleo  $13
Enjoy the best of Cuban food with a grain-free plate featuring our slow-roasted pork or roasted chicken, seasonal salad, avocado, and house-made plantain chips. For a low-carb option, sub out the plantain chips for extra salad. (GF)

Arroz con pollo  $13
Arguably Cuba's favorite comfort food. Ours is made with locally sourced chicken baked with tender yellow rice. Served with our much-loved maduros and a seasonal salad. (GF)


Fried Egg

Arroz Congris
White rice cooked with black beans. (VV)

Pan-fried Ham

Traditional Cuban Toasts
Tostada (Cuban Toast with Butter)
Tostada con queso (Cheese Toast)

Buñuelos cubanos
Cuban-style donut holes, made with sweet potato, yucca, malanga, and egg. Served with honey. (V) (GF)

Plantain chips
We make our chips to order using fresh green plantains and our house-rendered lard. Served with our signature mojo sauce. (GF)

These oven-roasted, ripe sweet plantains have delightful crispy edges. (VV) (GF)

Frijoles Negros
Our traditionally slow-cooked Cuban-style black beans are vegan and can be eaten alongside white rice or as a soup on their own. (VV) (GF)

Moist and tender white rice. For an extra special treat ask for a spoonful of our pork drippings drizzled on top. (VV) (GF)

Hushpuppy meets pork in this classic Cuban fritter.

Papas bravas
Potatoes fried in our house-rendered lard, served with paprika and a spicy aioli dipping sauce. (GF)

Seasonal Salad
Made with locally-sourced, fresh ingredients. Ask for this week’s selection. (VV) (GF)



House-made Sodas
We will offer an assortment of house-made sodas using tropical and locally-sourced ingredients.

Iced Tea
Made with organic ceylon tea

We will offer an assortment of wines by the glass or bottle

We will offer assortment of draft and bottled or canned beers.



Available Cuban Style or Unsweetened.

Cafe cubano
Rich espresso with a traditional sugar infusion.

Cafe cubano with a dash frothed milk.

Cafe con leche
Cafe cubano with warm, frothed milk.

A rich, flavorful cousin to American style coffee.

Black Tea, Fresh Mint

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