LocalsSeafood fisherfolk

Since 2010 when college buddies Lin & Ryan began selling Stumpy Point shrimp out of a tailgate cooler on the side of the road in Raleigh, Locals Seafood has had a simple mission: sell North Carolina seafood to North Carolinians.

Most North Carolina seafood is shipped up the east coast to northern markets. By creating a market for this seafood inside state lines, we can help instill stability and prosperity to our state‚Äôs fisherfolk, oyster farmers, shrimpers, fish houses, and processors. Providing access to North Carolina seafood for North Carolina consumers allows residents to directly benefit from their taxpayer-managed fisheries. This increases demand for North Carolina products across the seafood market, incentivizing coastal professionals to sell more products within their home state.

We're proud to support our North Carolina fisherfolk by using shrimp, clams, oysters, and fresh fish from Locals Seafood.