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Red Tail Grains specializes in high-quality, small-batch heritage and modern grains for local bakeries, breweries, and consumers. Located in Orange County, North Carolina, Red Tail Grains was founded in 2013 by Daniel Cowan and George Allen who met while studying at Oberlin College and majoring in Environmental Studies and Biology, respectively. Daniel and George farm with a holistic approach that excludes the use of herbicides, fungicides, and synthetic fertilizers. While Red Tail Grains is not certified organic, their growing practices align closely with organic growing methods and in many cases exceed organic standards. Their number one priority is to produce high-quality grain through the cultivation of healthy soils.

At COPA, we take heirloom corn from Red Tail Grains and soak it in an alkaline solution of lime to make the traditional nixtamal, which is then ground into masa and formed into tortillas. This is an ancient process that we're proud to highlight in our kitchen.