Available Tuesday-Saturday, 6pm-9pm for Dine-In and Outdoor Dining
Menu Key: (V) - Vegetarian; (VV) - Vegan; (GF) - Gluten-free

To ensure we are able to maintain a living wage for all our team members, there is a 20% living wage fee added to all checks. This is put toward our payroll costs for the entire team. Many guests choose to tip their servers up to an additional 10%.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness


Charcuteria  $15
An assortment of 17-month aged Spanish jamón serrano, Spanish chorizo, and manchego cheese. Served with cornichons and Spanish olives. (GF without the bread)

Local Cheese Plate  $15
An assortment of cheeses from Boxcarr Handmade Cheese, served with fig jam and Spanish olives. (V) (GF without the bread)

Fried Pork Belly - Masas de Puerco  $12
Parker Family Farms pasture-raised pork belly, seasoned with our dry brine and deep-fried. Served with fresh greens and Papa Bull Hot Sauce. (GF, fried in lard)

Cuban Meatballs - Albondigas Cubanas  $14
Meatballs made with Marcho Farms lamb and almond flour, in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, and white wine. Served with a green sauce and house-made bread. (GF without the bread) (Contains nuts)

 Rabbit Confit  $16
A confit of Joyce Farms rabbit served on a bed of refried black beans and pickled onions. (GF)

Steamed Clams  $14
Local steamed clams. Served in a white wine tomato broth. (GF)

NEW! Crab Cake Croquetas  $13
Bite-size croquetas inspired by Southern-style crab cakes, made with lump and claw crab meat and minimum fillers. Served with house-made aioli*.

Loaded Plantain Chips  $9
Plantain chips topped with avocado, black beans, and manchego cheese. Add ground lamb or slow-roasted pork +$4.00. (GF, fried in lard, lamb contains nuts)

Avocado Toast - Pan Con Aguacate  $8
Fresh avocado on our housemade bread with olive oil, salt, and cayenne pepper. (VV)

Cracklin' Bread -  $6
Housemade bread with a swirl of pork cracklins that lend a savory crunch. Served with olive oil and herbs for dipping.

Spanish Omelette - Tortilla a la Espanola   $10
A Spanish-style omelet with sauteed onions and thinly sliced potatoes. (V) (GF)

Croquetas - Pork Fritters  $8
Cuban fritters made with pork, serrano ham, and spices. Served with our signature mojo sauce. (GF, fried in lard)

Fried Plantains with Pork - Tostones con Puerco  $10
Deep-fried plantains topped with Parker Family Farms slow-roasted pork and spicy slaw. (GF, fried in lard)

Platos - Plates

From the Sea

Please note: We stock only limited quantities of fresh seafood from local fishermen to ensure we use the highest quality ingredients available. 

Oven-roasted Whole Fish and Heirloom Corn Tortillas  $38
A whole, deboned fish from NC fishermen, roasted on a bed of winter squash. Served with saffron creme fraiche, housemade aioli*, crumbled Flint Ridge Feta cheese, and house-made tortillas from heirloom corn grown by Red Tail Grains. Ask your server for today's catch. (GF)

Havana-Style Fish – Pescado a la habanera  $28
North Carolina fish fillet, baked en papillote on a bed of sliced orange and fresh herbs. Served with roasted seasonal vegetables and our saffron creme fraiche. Ask your server for today's catch. (GF)

Cuban Paella  $55 (Serves 2)
Local clams, shrimp, and fish with heirloom Carolina Gold rice from Anson Mills. Please note: Our paella is made to order and takes 45 minutes. Limited quantities available.

Coconut Curry Shrimp – Camarones en Salsa de Coco  $22
North Carolina shrimp cooked in a Cuban coconut curry sauce that hails from the coastal town of Barracoa. Served with white rice and seasonal salad. (GF)

From the Land

19th Century-Style Cuban Shredded Beef – Ropa Vieja  $28
Little Way Farms grass-fed beef braised in red wine and shredded in a light tomato sauce with mint. Served with salad and house-made tortillas from heirloom corn grown by Red Tail Grains.  (GF)

Country Style Pork Chop – Chuleta a lo Guajiro  $24
Thick-cut, Parker Family Farms pasture-raised pork chop. Served with arroz congris and roasted vegetables. (GF)

Pork Ribs – Costillas de Puerco  $22
Parker Family Farms pasture-raised pork ribs slow-roasted in their own fat and served in a tomato and onion sauce. Accompanied by white rice, maduros, and seasonal salad. (GF)

Plato Fuerte  $16
Build your own traditional Cuban meal. Comes with maduros (sweet plantains) and seasonal salad. (VV) (GF)
Choose White Rice and Black Beans served separately or Arroz Congris. (VV) (GF)
Add Parker Family Farms Pasture-Raised Slow Roasted Pork. +$6 (GF)
Add 1/4 pasture-raised, braised chicken from The Community of the Franciscan Way. +$6 (GF)
Add Locals Seafood Shrimp. +$6 (GF)


Our sandwiches are served on our house-made Cuban bread.
All sandwiches come with your choice of our seasonal salad, plantain chips, arroz congris, or black beans.
Add extra toppings to customize your sandwich. Cheese $1.50 / Avocado $1.50 / Pickles $0.50 / Extra Pork $2

Havana  $15
Slow-roasted pork, ham, cheese, pickle, mustard, and mojo sauce.

El Caney  $15
Slow-roasted pork, avocado, cheese, mustard, and mojo sauce.

San Fernando  $15
Roasted chicken simmered in a rich tomato and white wine sauce with sauteed onions and paprika. 

Medianoche  $15
Slow-roasted pork with Spanish jamón, manchego cheese, mustard, and pickle, on a house-made brioche bun.

Lamb Burger  $15
Marcho Farms lamb patty, manchego cheese, pickle, and our special sauce on a house-made brioche bun. (Contains nuts)

Artemisa  $15
Black bean paste and avocado, topped with mustard, pickle, and mojo sauce. (VV) 

Acompanantes - Sides

Salad – Ensalada  $10
Local Seasonal Salad (VV) (GF)

Vegetables – Vegetales  $10
Local roasted and sauteed vegetables (VV) (GF)

Maduros  $8
Oven-roasted, ripe plantains served with house-made creme fraiche (V, VV option) (GF)

Plantain Chips – Chicharitas  $6

Arroz Congris  $6
Black beans and white rice pilaf (VV) (GF)

Black Beans – Frijoles Negros  $5
Traditional Cuban-Style Black Beans (VV) (GF)

White Rice – Arroz Blanco  $4
(VV) (GF)

Spanish Olives – Aceitunas  $6
(VV) (GF