Available Tuesday-Saturday, 6pm-9pm for Dine-In and Outdoor Dining
Menu Key: (V) - Vegetarian; (VV) - Vegan; (GF) - Gluten-free

To ensure we are able to maintain a living wage for all our team members during this difficult time, there is a 20% living wage fee added to all checks. This is put toward our payroll costs for the entire team. Many guests choose to tip their servers an addtional 5%-10%.


Tarta de Almendras  $10
This classic Spanish almond cake has been served to pilgrims in Santiago de Compostela and emigrants alike for centuries. (GF) (V)

Tres Chocolates  $10
Our triple chocolate cake starts with a rich moist cake, layers in a milk chocolate buttercream frosting, and is topped with a dark chocolate ganache. (V)

Flan  $10
Beloved across Cuba, this flan is a traditional egg custard with a burnt sugar sauce. (GF) (V)