COPA is hiring a part-time server.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10:30am-1:30pm. (About 15 hours per week)

Pay: About $20 per hour (including tips + base rate). COPA is a Living Wage Certified employer, so no employee takes home less than $13.50 per hour per pay period.

Experience Required: 1 year minimum in a full-service restaurant.

Skills Required: Excellent guest service, a polished presence for guests, follow written and verbal instructions, work well in a team-driven environment, remaining calm and focused during service rush, time and space organizational skills.

COPA is the nation’s first farm-to-table Cuban restaurant and was named Restaurant of the Year 2019, honorable mention, by the News and Observer. We are a Durham Living Wage Certified Employer.

At lunch, we specialize in classic Cuban sandwiches and plates. At dinner, we specialize in Cuban-style tapas, many of which come from 19th-century recipes that have been lost or forgotten. 

We have our own farm in Hillsborough with a full-time farm manager and produce many of the vegetables that we use on our menu.

Our purpose as a business is to “cultivate relationships from the soil to the table,” and we operate on a set of 7 core values. All team members must agree to abide by these core values:

  1. Mise en place begins in the soil.
  2. Commitment and dependability are essential in all duties, shown especially through attendance and punctuality.
  3. Learning, creativity, and efficiency are a daily pursuit.
  4. Communication is truthful and efficient, spoken with joy, peace, patience, and gentleness.
  5. We take pride in all our work—whether small tasks or big. Pride of work is shown by following instructions, organizing workflow, and moving with agility and elegance.
  6. All guests are precious and to be treated as a gift.
  7. All team members earn a living wage.

Highlights and benefits of working with COPA include:

• A team-driven work environment that encourages research, creativity, and contributions from all members.
• Working in the heart of Downtown Durham, which is consistently ranked among the top cities for quality of life and one of the most respected dining locations in the nation.
• 50% employee discount on all menu items.

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Living Wage Employer

COPA is proud to be a living wage employer.