At COPA, we're always looking for talented, dedicated team members. If you're looking for an environment where "learning, creativity, and efficiency" are a daily pursuit, then we encourage you to apply to work with us. If we don't have an opening now, we will keep your application on file. We typically reach out to our applicants first before publicly listing a job opening.

Part-time positions are usually available. Weekend and evening hours may be a requirement. We pay a living wage as set by the Durham Living Wage Project.

Seeking a part-time Dishwasher

COPA is hiring a part-time dishwasher. 

Hours: Friday-Saturday, 6pm-11pm. (About 10 hours per week)

Pay: $15 per hour.

Experience Required: None.

Skills Required: Dependable, hard-working, ability to organize a workspace and workflow, follow instructions, work as a team.

Seeking an Experienced Prep/Line Cook

We are currently hiring for a full-time prep/line cook. There is a minimum of 1 year experience in a full-service restaurant kitchen required.

25-30 hours per week with opportunities for more responsibilities and hours as training progresses.

The shifts are for Wednesday-Saturday nights from 4 pm-11 pm.

Prep work includes prepping salad and dressings, executing and portioning recipes, slicing and cutting ingredients, and setting up workstations.

Service work includes rotating between stations, including charcuterie and sandwich, griddle, fryer, and desserts.

Closing duties include maintaining a clean and orderly kitchen by washing pots and pans, sanitizing surfaces, and taking out the trash. Ensuring that all food and other items are labeled, dated, and stored.

Minimum of 1-year experience in a full-service restaurant kitchen or the equivalent.

Our menu draws from recipes from 1800s Cuba when Havana was a major cosmopolitan port in the new world. We're passionate about cultivating relationships from soil to table. To learn more about our values and purpose, visit copadurham.com.

Pay: $15.00 - $17.00 per hour

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In addition to experience, these qualities are expected in all team members:

  • ability to provide remarkable service
  • approachable and polite
  • strong organization skills
  • strong time management
  • excellent memory
  • the ability to work in a fast-paced environment with efficiency
  • the ability to work as part of a team
  • ServSafe certification (preferred but not required)

All team members at COPA will be expected to follow our 7 core values:

  1. Mise en place begins in the soil.
  2. Commitment and dependability are essential in all duties, shown especially through attendance and punctuality.
  3. Learning, creativity, and efficiency are a daily pursuit.
  4. Communication is truthful and efficient, spoken with joy, peace, patience, and gentleness.
  5. We take pride in all our work—whether small tasks or big. Pride of work is shown by following instructions, organizing workflow, and moving with agility and elegance.
  6. All guests are a gift and to be treated with gratitude.
  7. All team members earn a living wage.

Highlights and benefits of working with COPA include:

  • Paid time off
  • Primary healthcare with AccessiBull Healthcare Membership
  • A team-driven work environment that encourages research, creativity, and contributions from all members.
  • Working for and growing with a restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Durham, which is consistently ranked among the top cities for quality of life and one of the most respected dining locations in the nation.
  • Collaborating with a renowned farming program that creates the first direct link between a Cuban restaurant in the US and its own farm.
  • 50% employee discount on all menu items.
  • A living wage as set by the Durham Living Wage Project.
  • Strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of our team and guests.
  • All team members must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Living Wage Employer

COPA is proud to be a living wage employer.