Elizabeth Turnbull

Bar Director and Owner
(also Publicist and sometimes Pastry Chef)

Like her husband and partner, Elizabeth fell into the restaurant industry quite unintentionally. And like Roberto, she has found great joy in the unexpected. As Bar Director, Elizabeth oversees the development of COPA's Cuban cocktails and bar program. You can often find her tending bar, working on a new recipe, or geeking out over a new find in an old book.

Elizabeth also brings with her a long background in marketing and writing. As marketing director, she uses her experience to build relationships with the community and share the story of the restaurant.

Elizabeth has been pleased to help COPA tell its story in local, regional, and even national media outlets, spreading message that sustainable, farm-to-table Cuban food isn’t just possible, it’s delicious. She counts it among her greatest pleasures to share the joy and adventure of a meal where every mouthful (or glassful) is anchored in a far-off time and place, but where the ingredients came from a garden just down the way.